Greek Medicine

1. Effective and Reliable

The Greek pharmaceuticals contain the original active substance indicated for the treatment of patients and are in circulation in Greece under the control of the National Medicines Agency (EOΦ). Essential item for the authorization of Greek pharmaceuticals is the submission of bioequivalence studies, carried out on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with government hospitals or private clinics in Greece or abroad. EOΦ, as also the corresponding medicine agencies of the EU countries, evaluates thoroughly the bioequivalence studies and other elements of the full application of the product. This means that the Greek Pharmaceuticals have proven effectiveness, guaranteed quality and safety.

2. Of quality and Safe

The Greek Pharmaceuticals are produced to the highest international standards in state of the art factories in Greece, following to the letter the quality assurance standards and codes of good manufacturing and are controlled by top specialised personnel. The Greek production factories are continuously controlled not only by the ΕΟΦ but also by the the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The above organizations and also the medicine organizations in more than 85 countries, check in their turn and certify the Greek Medicines.

The efficacy and safety of Greek Medicines is guaranteed by the systematic control in certified quality control laboratories based on the highest standards of quality assurance (QA) and the codes of good manufacturing (GMP). Even after the authorization of Greek Medicines, ΕΟΦ also conducts laboratory and sampling controls along with scheduled and unscheduled inspections, without ever referring any problems.

3. Tested and Recognized Internationally

The Greek Medicines are produced in our country from long recognized Greek pharmaceutical industries and posses a commercial name (brand name), so that the patient knows what he is purchasing and who trusts his health in. The Greek Medicines are being placed on the Greek and international market successfully for decades. Today, 35% of the prescriptions issued in our country relate to Greek Medicines that are a long lasting reliable solution for the Greek patients. At the same time, millions of patients in more than 85 countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, Australia and the EU countries, trust everyday the Greek Medicine.

4. Of High Technology

The Greek Medicines are the result of intensive research and innovation and are constantly evolving through Greek research labs in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes in Greece and abroad. The Greek Medicines are produced at the 21 modern, specialized high technology production units of the Greek Pharmaceutical industry. The Greek Pharmaceutical industry is constantly investing in systems that ensure the quality of medicine, as well as in research and innovation programs. Many specialized scientists are employed in the research departments of the Greek Pharmaceutical industries who they develop significant domestic expertise. In addition, more than 100 patents have been established by the Greek Pharmaceutical industries which is a testament to the recognition and implementation of innovative practices in the production process.

5. Affordable

The Greek Medicine reduces the cost of treating patients. At a time in which the participation of the insured patients in the treatment cost rises, the Greek Medicine costs less for the Greek patient, without any discount to the quality of the treatment. The National Health System can achieve significant savings through the Greek Medicine, which is a powerful therapeutic weapon while holding the cost of treatment at low, controlled levels.

+1. Backs Greece, the National Economy, the Development

The Greek Pharmaceutical industry contributes significantly to the development of the national economy. The overall effect of the Greek Pharmaceutical Industry in Greece's GDP now exceeds the €2,8 billion. Specifically, for each €1.000 spent on buying medicines produced in Greece, the country's GDP grows by €3.420. The Greek Pharmaceutical industry gives directly work in more than 10,000 Greeks, while the overall effect on employment exceeds the 53,100 jobs. Simultaneously, with investments of more than €355 million in the last five years, the Greek Pharmaceutical industry can create even more jobs in the near future.

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